Tax Relief Tips

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Tax Relief Options for the IRS

Each year on the 15th of April, the IRS comes for its proverbial pound of flesh and each year, thousands of Americans go in hiding. Of course hiding isn’t good, because sooner or later the IRS and its blood thirsty … Read More>>

3 Common Reasons for Tax Refund Delays

The IRS is a very efficient institution but every now and then someone inside makes a mistake. When this happens things like delayed tax returns tend to follow so it helps to have an idea of what can go wrong … Read More>>

Understanding Bank Levies

Many people know that the IRS can be very aggressive in the pursuit of back taxes owed, yet most won’t do the things necessary to prevent any escalation in the pursuit. Gone are the days when the IRS took years … Read More>>

Unfiled Tax Returns: Tips for Getting Out of Trouble

There’s probably only one thing worse than owing the IRS and that is not filing a tax return. While the IRS is very accommodating with people who owe, the institution is very unforgiving to people who don’t file. People who … Read More>>

IRS Tax Audits: Why Being Selected Is Not The End Of The World

The IRS routinely audits individuals and businesses to ensure not only compliance, but accuracy in filings and the amounts either being collected from taxpayers or being refunded. The process is not necessarily a bad thing if you have your tax … Read More>>

Your Definitive Tips for Stress-Free Tax Preparation

“Federal Income Tax Return”, those four words haunt, harasses and terrifies most Americans come April of every year. Most bury their heads under the sand, some make a faint effort at preparing their returns, but all will at some point … Read More>>

How to Avoid Dreaded IRS Penalties and Interest

Owing money on your taxes is bad enough without being subjected to numerous fines and penalties. Often these can make a previously challenging tax bill an unmanageable tax bill. When it comes to levying penalties and interest the IRS doesn’t … Read More>>

Business Taxes: How to Avoid Trouble With The IRS

Only the government can throw you in jail when you don’t pay them and so it’s a no-brainer that managing your tax affairs is a crucial thing. Unfortunately taxes and the complicated dealings of the IRS are often beyond the … Read More>>

5 Cool Tips for Managing Your IRS Debt

The IRS is seen by most as a cold, bureaucratic institution who wants nothing more than to pummel tax payers over the heads with a tax bill. This sentiment is of course true when you owe the IRS and they … Read More>>

Need Tax Debt Assistance?

The vast majority of people who have tax troubles, end up complicating matters by seeking tax debt assistance, not only in the wrong place, but with totally bad mindset. Hopefully after reading this article you won’t have to worry about … Read More>>

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